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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this man is charged with killing thousands of chickens. rev engines, don't expect to go far if you are going to drive around downtown. the grand prix weekend is underway officially right now. christian schaffer is live in the thick of it. what is the atmosphere down there tonight is there a lot going on or still practice? >> atmosphere is festive. right now it's still qualifying for the american le mans serious race tomorrow. it's neat visually to watch. as we see the cars go by, they are moving along the straight away. i want to talk about the
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changes from last year to this year, two of the big ones, improving the race experience of the fans. one of things they tried to do is allow fans more ways in ask and out of the race. they can open up at nighttime. the walls are still there. they are on the rollers they can open up and let people out in to the neighborhoods. that's the second thing they've changed. they are trying to get more people out in to the neighborhoods. they are going to end the racing day a little earlier than last year. still going on at this hour. as early as 6:30 or 7:00, they will be done. organizers are hoping the people will ped ends up in the neighborhoods and restaurants and bars. there is a lot to do, family
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activities. in between practice runs and the heat on the sun soaked afternoon at the grand prix, families were making sure they didn't miss out on the fast field of fun. the jackson family is down from philadelphia.
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he played with the squad cars. >> yeah, i did. it was so fun. >> reporter: lot of options people, even if you don't buy a tick to get inside the race. see the folks are hanging out the pratt street ale house. you can have a drink, have a sandwich and watch the race here as it goes by tomorrow and again on sunday, once again, they are ending the race earlier than last year to try and get the people out in to the neighborhood. we will see how that works through the evening. chris christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> we are working for you with ways to get around the traffic downtown this weekend. go to prix,
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an interactive map to help you get around as well as all of our grand prix stories. prix. white wilt continues our team coverage tonight with a little bit of what we can expect with the skies. everybody has their fingers crossed for the weekend. >> we are looking pretty good. a hot start for the races tonight. see the practice runs, i think saturday looks 90% plus good. maybe 80% or so of the day on sunday looks good. chances for showers go up sunday in to monday. temperature wise, mid-90s out there in spots. 92 marriottsville. it's a crystal clear skies perfect travel weather where your plans or travels take you, if you are headed out, crystal clear weathers isaac beginning to knock on the door to the west, heavy rains, flooding conditions over the midwest, this moisture will begin to
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spin in our direction and more of an impact as we move towards the latter part of the weekend. more on the outlook throughout the weekend coming up. man charged with threatening to shoot up his place of work not behind bars tonight. neil prescott isn't running and loose. he will have to wear a gps monitor and allowed outside of his house for medical and legal appointments. the man called himself a jogger when phoning in the threat. the judge ordered him to stay away from guns and his intended victims. a phone call was not one that put this family at ease. the dad is talking about the shooting for the first time. joce sterman is here with more.
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>> millton and rose marry spent the week at the bedside dug a spie view with the press, they talked about the agonizing moments they spent after hearing he was shot and seeing him for themselves, he has down syndrome and a lone victim in the shooting. his dad didn't feel relief until he saw him at the hospital and realized he was breathing. he recalled the shooter a troubled boy and urged pains to watch the social media accounts and wants kids to report anything they see that is troubling. daniel's dad says they are trying not to shield themselves from details about what happened in the cafeteria. >> all i know is that what happened is danny was shot. at this point in time, that's all i really need to know, want to know, and he was shot , he is hurt.
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>> doctors say daniel has a bruised lung, a fractured rib and a large hole they are working to close in his chest. daniel is strong and determined and so are his friends. there is a campaign to get one of his favorite musical acts, lady gaga, to contact him. joce sterman, abc2 news. family and friends will remember a man who died trying to save the lives of others. a man tried to help two women who couldn't get back to the boat. family and friends will gather on wilson point road, close to where his body was found. more than a dozen cars were broken in to, in the tan yard springs community in glen burnie. many residence left that their cars unlocked. they maybe locking their cars now. >> somebody went in and took out the face plate that was in
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the car and ransacked through the glove box and tried to remove a cb radio that is in there. luckily that was mounded. >> arundel police would like anyone with information on the crimes to call them. a 21-year-old man from the eastern shore, that guy there, remember that face, is charged with killing an entire flock of chickens, shelton broke in to a poultry farm and tornadod out the lights in a chicagoen house. when the house lost electricity , the chickens didn't have food, water and cooling fans and the chickens died, even though that would have happened anyway. the story gets worse. the owner told the sheriff's deputies he found shelton passed out in a pool of his urine in the middle of the chicken coup. he faces burglary, trespassing and destruction of property charges, he was released after posting bond. yellow shoes are more than
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just a fashion statement at johns hopkins university right now. >> if u not texting, it's dangerous. >> what started the campaign has people stepping to a different beat. could we feel the impact of what was isaac right here in maryland? we are not just looking at rainfall, there are other things you might see as well.
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okay, we are live at the grand prix, i've turned around the racetrack is that way. up here on hop kips , the cars are moving better now. earlier it was stopped. you can get downtown. of course there is going to be more traffic, a number of roads closed, you can see the cars slowing down on lombard street. find alternate routes. to get around the main streets closed to the race course. there are other ways to go around the city, come downtown and enjoy what is going on here without getting yourself and everybody else caught in traffic. that's one of the things organizers are hoping people will stay off of the straight.
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pratt street is closed. some streets pair let parallel to it aren't closed. something to think about if you are coming down to the grand prix, find side streets, use public transportation, take your time, get down and have a great time with the families. christian schaffer, abc2 news. tires and cars hitting the road was also the focus of johns hopkins university. the goal was to protect people walking tapped campus. students running found a wall of shoes, waiting to greet them. it represents the dangers involved by simply trying to cross the streets. >> reporter: students couldn't miss the shoes awaiting them. >> we need to have a way to get
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them to cross safely so we don't have the accidents and deaths. >> reporter: more serious accidents in two years, and a pair of deaths dating back to 2009, have raised the stakes for students here. they hope by constructing this eye catching wall of shoes they can teach them how to better protect themselves. >> everyone is plugged in to the hand-held devices, iphones and blackberries, students are plugged in to technology. it's important to remind them to pick heads up from their phones and put them in the pockets and take ear buds out. >> reporter: students collected the shoes in donation bins over the summer and purchased the rest from thrift stores, there are 6000 shoes in all. each pair represent a different victim here in maryland. >> each pair of white shoes on this wall represents one person who has died each year in the
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car accidents. the yellow shoes are the 3000 others who were involved and they represent the street lines across a cross walk. >> reporter: jeff hager, abc2 news. >> as far as the awareness campaign, sidewalks, shuttle buses and a pedestrian bridge to the homewood campus will carry banners and decals promoting pedestrian safety. people in louisiana are drying out from the storm that was once isaac. raining and flooding knocked down trees and power lines. it's now a depression over missouri, it could be headed to maryland. department of natural resources is warning boaters to be careful this labor day weekend. boaters should be prepairdz for high tides and -- prepared for high a tides and debris. most of the impact, will come in the latter part of the
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weekend, sunday in to monday. now it's quiet as a mouse. good weather for all the people downtown, checking out the early race activities, for indy car and baltimore, an awesome grand prix weekend for the weather, most of the weekend weather wise, 92 now. humidity 35%. take a look at some of the, i want to show you the temperatures now in the 90s, and these numbers running on the hot side, no question about that as they will continue to for the next few hours. dress light tomorrow, in the low 90s. a little cooler with additional cloud cover. westerly breeze right now. across the region, the high humidity levels south of us, cooler numbers, or drier numbers in place across both northern maryland, and really from baltimore north, we don't have the really oppressive humidity. that makes things more comfortable. travel weather looks outstanding across the entire
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region. not just maryland. few showers beginning to knock on the door to the west. western, west virginia, through ohio, reaching in to t kentucky ask tennessee, spinoff showers from the remnants of isaac, isaac a large mass of rain, a tropical low, and we will continue to bring significan rain, several inches, drought stricken areas in the midwest and this moisture will catch a ride on a frontal boundary, draped over northern michigan right now and up through canada. this is taking a dip. beginning to push the isaac moisture in our direction. stray shower is possible even late tomorrow, late saturday, isolated shower. the chance for showers will come late day sundays, just south of the frontal boundary, some of the moisture from isaac, reaching to the east and more likely we will see spinoff showers, combined with the front in the area, creating some unsettled weather on the
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labor day monday and lingering in to tuesday and wednesday. a slow moving mass of moisture here that will impact us in a more significant way towards the middle of next week. that will include late sunday in to labor day. tropics active all month long, we are on the last day of august. we have two storms out there churning right now. kirk, a hurricane, and our tropical storm louise, a large system. both will be called recurving storm. they will be in the open waters of the atlantic, a threat to shipping interests only. overnight, 69 with a few clouds, we will say a mild night on the hole. tomorrow 90 the two agree gain tee. the heart of the city could get hotter than bwi. perhaps 92, 93 in the city. dress light as you head to the races. seven-day forecast, here we go, better chance for an afternoon shower sunday. in to monday, a scattered
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showers through the day. not likely to linger in to tuesday and wednesday. more unsettled stay inio twadz the middle of next week, timing wise, this will wok out well with most of the race activities, hike a dry course, most of that should be done by sunday afternoon. so are the you go. i think we will just get it in. sounds good. everybody is happy about that. no one wants to bring an umbrella to the grand prigs. prix. nothing like the band. that's what annapolis will sound like, 35 drum corp.s will perform. they are expected to bring in $10 million. organizers say if you've never been to a drum
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corp.competition, this is your chance to see something fabulous. >> we are a marching band on steroids. there are no flutes, it's a brass ensemble. your pecushion, color guard -- percussion, your color guard. maiming that put together on a football field timed with a ten minute show. tempo, 180 beats a minute. the show begins tonight and runs saturday at 2:00 p.m., sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. bring your ear plugs. >> the final numbers are in for our drive to help needy chin get school supplies. -- children get school supplies, you helped more than 18 children get backpacks, notebooks and pencils. we here at abc2 news would love
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to thank everyone who helped make this a success. >> in ten days, ten days, you will have something new to watch after school. september 10th, katie's new show, titled katie will air at 4:00 every weekday on abc 2, covering dating after 40, foods that keep you looking younger, how to care for your aging parents, will your children have enough money? check out the stories on ñ[=
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here is what we are working on for abc 2 news at 11:00, if you keep your blackberry by the bed. check your email, you could be a workaholic. the new test to help you see if u addicted to your job. in the market for a smart phone, that apple samsung verdict is driving down the prices of certain phones, which ones and why might not want to buy them. those stories and more coming up at 11:00. quick check of the weather. it's clears it's wham out. there we are in the low 90s, to upper 80s. in to the day tomorrow. hot by noon in to the
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afternoon. i will tell you the outlook is not bad for the first part of the week.
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